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What to see in United Kingdom

Royaume-Uni - ENG


Places of interest in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is of course one of Europe's must-see destinations. England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland: each region has its own identity and rich history. Your stay in the United Kingdom will allow you to discover this multifaceted country. From the castles of Scotland to the museums of London, here are the must-see attractions of Her Majesty's country:

  • England : London, Cambridge, Windsor, Cornwall, Wight isle, Brighton, Kent, Stonehenge, Salisburry, Oxford, Winchester, Bath, Wells, Canterbury, the Lake District, Durham, Winchcombe, Liverpool,…
  • Scotland : Saint Andrews, le Loch Ness, Glasgow,…
  • Northern Ireland : Aghadowey, Belfast, Castle Coole, Castlerock, Antrim County, County Down, Dundrum, Dunluce Castle, la Chaussée des Géants, Les Glens of Antrim, Mourne Mountains
  • Wales : Comwy, Cardiff, Pembroke, Wye Valley, Gower Peninsula, Anglesey Island, Snowdania Natural Park, Harlech, Caernarfon,...
  • The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey

Museums in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been one of Europe's cultural hotspots. This country has given birth to several artists who have left their mark on the History of Art: Dali, Picasso, Velasquez and Goya are just a few examples.

The masterpieces of these and many other great international artists are preserved in the country's many internationally renowned museums. The United Kingdom also has a number of historical, archaeological and decorative arts museums that contain jewels inherited over time.

Here are the main museums in the United Kingdom:

  • The National Gallery in London, which houses works by Raphael, Rembrandt, Titian and Rubens, as well as Van Gogh's famous Sunflowers. Here you can admire more than 2,000 works of Western European art from the 12th to the 19th century. The gallery has one of the world's finest collections of paintings by Western European masters. The Italian, Flemish and German schools are represented here. Guided tours, events, films and lectures are sometimes organized.
  • The British Museum in London, one of the largest museums in the world: it has 6 million objects in 100 galleries. You will have to come several times to make the most of the impressive collection, as not everything can be exhibited at the same time. You will find magnificent rooms dedicated to Egypt, Greece, Rome and collections of objects from Africa, the Americas, the ancient Near East, Asia, Great Britain and Europe.
  • The National Museum of Wales located inside Cathays Park, Cardiff. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the United Kingdom. This museum will make you discover dinosaurs, mammoths, Celts, Romans and Vikings. You can also admire a rich collection of ceramics, porcelain and paintings, including a collection of impressionist works such as Auguste Renoir's La Parisienne.
  • The Museum of the Island of Jersey, to discover the history, traditions and culture of the island. An interactive film will show you how people have lived there for millions of years. You can immerse yourself in life in the 1860s with a visit to a school and a room.
  • The Ulster Museum, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, contains a collection of several thousand objects, spread over more than 8000m². It exhibits works by modern artists, art, history, archaeology, natural history, zoology and botany collections. There is something for everyone!
  • The Titanic Belfast Experience, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will take you through the history of the famous liner and its sinking. You can explore the first and second class rooms or climb the grand staircase in the dining room! The museum offers life-size models, videos, objects found after the shipwreck... All the elements are there for a breathtaking visit that you won't forget.
  • The Hunterian, located in Glasgow, is the oldest public museum in Scotland. It specialises in Roman archaeology, fossils, rocks and minerals, ethnography and numismatics. The museum has a collection of paintings, including some by Whistler, Chardin, Koninck and Rembrandt.
  • The Kelvingrove in Glasgow, Scotland, one of the most prestigious and popular establishments. It is one of the most popular museums and galleries in Scotland. There are 8,000 works of art on display in the museum's 22 modern themed galleries.
  • The National Museum of Scotland, to learn more about Scotland's rich history. Discover the real Scotland, its rich heritage and history through a wide variety of objects. The museum even has a Spitfire!

Events in the UK

The festivals common to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not so numerous, but there are many civil or religious national holidays that bring together a significant proportion of the population.

For information on the various festivities and events, go directly to the articles devoted to the country concerned: England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland.




New Year in Soho


Saint Patrick's Day (17 March), celebrated throughout the United Kingdom, a public holiday in Northern Ireland.

The Spring Equinox Ceremony in London (March 20)


The London Marathon, one of the biggest marathons in the world.


May 1st, various events

The London Tree Festival (until September), many events on the theme of trees

The football championship final at London's Wembley Stadium

The Chelsea Flower Show in Chelsea, to admire the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The Love Saves The Day music festival in Bristol


The Highland Games in Scotland, traditional sports competitions

Trooping Colour, a military parade celebrating the birthday of the British sovereign.

Wimbledon, the world famous tennis tournament

The Horse Guards Parade in London

Isle of Wight, a rock festival that's been around since 1968.


Londres The British Summer Time festival, famous music festival in Hyde Park, London


The Nothing Hill Carnival, one of the biggest in the world...

The Great British Beer Festival, London's beer festival.

London Mela festival celebrates South Asian culture

The Trafalgar Square Festival in London hosts British and international artists

The Summer Bank Holiday, a public holiday for the summer, on the 1st Monday in August in Scotland and the last Monday in August in the rest of the United Kingdom.


Fantastic Film Festival in Manchester, for science fiction and horror lovers


The Bonefire Night which celebrates every 5th November the failure of the conspiracy against the Parliament of Westminster.

The Lord Mayor's Parade in London on November 11th

Les Inrocks Philips, the French festival goes to London


Winter Sales in London

Boxing Day, after Christmas

Parks and natural sites in the United Kingdom

 The United Kingdom has been able to conserve and protect its unique nature. These national parks are the ideal place to take the air and enjoy hiking, fishing or horse riding.

In England :

  • Northumberland
  • Lake District
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • North York Moore
  • Peak District
  • Dartmoor

In Wales:

  • Snowdonia
  • Pembrokeshire Coast
  • Brecon Beacons

In Scotland:

  • Cairngorms national park
  • Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park
  • Hermaness

In Northern Ireland:

  • Glenveagh National Park
  • Wicklow Mountains National Park

Amusement parks and zoos in the United Kingdom

Take the time to visit the UK's amusement parks! They are the best places to break the routine and have fun. There are a lot of theme parks in the UK. Wherever you are, you will find one to have a great time!

Here is a selection of the most famous amusement parks in the country:

 In England :

  • Alton Towers : the largest theme park in Europe! It has eight roller coasters and many other diverse attractions.
  • Studio Tour London, Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter: a must-see for fans of the wizard with glasses!
  • Paulton’s Park : this park has three roller coasters, two water attractions and about twenty other varied attractions! It also has a zoo.
  • Pleasure Beach : this seaside park has many roller coasters and water attractions and was voted the best theme park in the UK in 2014!
  • Legoland Windsor Resort : a park rather intended for children, but if you're a Lego fan, go for it!

In Wales :

  • Barry Island Pleasure Park, park with about fifteen attractions and restaurants...
  • Folly Farm (zoo), an amusement park and a zoo, intended more for children.
  • Oakwood Theme Park, a rather complete and rather family-oriented amusement park

In Scotland

  • M&D’s Theme Park, more than twenty attractions, for all ages

In Northern Ireland 

  • Barry’s Amusement : a theme park dedicated more to the youngest.

Zoos in United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the majority of zoos are heavily involved in animal welfare work. They are not only places of entertainment, but also focus on learning. These spaces allow visitors to get to know the animal world up close and to discover certain rare species.

Here are some addresses to remember:

In England :

  • London Zoo : one of the oldest zoos in the world, it is now home to nearly 750 different species. You will see many mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and even a huge reproduction of Bolivian rainforest.
  • Chester Zoo : With its 400 species and 700 animals, it is the largest zoo in the United Kingdom! The Chester Zoo focuses on the preservation of rare species.
  • The Colchester Zoo : it is renowned for its care of endangered species. Here you can see monkeys and some of the most beautiful felines, such as white tigers.
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens : this zoo gives priority to the health and safety of the animals: a percentage of your admission ticket is earmarked for animal protection. You will be able to discover many animals, including unknown species.
  • Dudley Zoological Gardens : this zoo created around an 11th century castle will allow you to discover the largest collection of rare species in Europe. It also proposes to share a moment alone with monkeys!
  • Twycross Zoo : this 40 hectare zoo will allow you to observe more than 1000 animals and monkeys of 35 different species.
  • Banham Zoo : this 35-hectare zoo is home to 1,000 animals and is actively involved in animal protection. It offers activities to get as close as possible to certain animals. This 35-hectare zoo is home to 1,000 animals and is actively involved in animal protection. It offers activities to get as close as possible to certain animals.
  • NewQuay Zoo : this zoo will allow you to admire a wide variety of endangered species in tropical gardens. It is home to lemurs, rare birds and also red pandas!

In wales :

  • Welsh Mountain Zoo : this zoo is located above Colwyn Bay and offers breathtaking scenery. It is home to many rare and endangered species such as snow leopards, chimpanzees, red pandas and Sumatran tigers.
  • Seaquarium : an aquarium located in Rhyl, more for children.

In Scotland :

  • Edinburgh Zoo: this zoo on Corstorphine Hill is home to giant pandas. It is the only zoo in the United Kingdom to house polar bears and koalas. It is very involved in scientific activities seeking to breed endangered species in captivity.
  • Le Highland Wildlife Park : discover Scottish and global wildlife, as well as endangered mountain and tundra animals such as tigers, snow monkeys, red pandas, Bactrian camels and Walker, the polar bear. Part of the visit is done in your own car, the rest of the park is on foot.

In Northern Ireland:

  • Le zoo de Belfast : this zoo has more than 1200 animals with 140 different species. Among them, you will be able to discover endangered species such as the butter gibbon, the Atlas lion or the oriental bongo.
  • World of Owls : this zoological park is dedicated to owls but also to eagles, falcons and vultures.
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