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Housing in Switzerland

Suisse - ENG


Short stay

It's a matter of course: accommodation in Switzerland is very expensive and that's a general rule! However, there are many housing alternatives.


Most of them only open in high season. To find a campsite in Switzerland, it is best to visit the website of the Swiss Touring Club (TSC).

Youth hostels

There are about 60 youth hostels in Switzerland. Prices generally vary between 34 and 45 CHF per night in dormitories. The Swiss Hostels website is a good source of information on this subject.

Bed & Breakfast

The Bed And Breakfast Switzerland website is the best reference for B&B in Switzerland. It offers more than 700 addresses.


Although the price of a room is very high, it is always possible to negotiate the rate. It is also important to know that the prices displayed in hotels are always for a single room.

To find a hotel in Switzerland, visit the following websites:

Please note that it is important to pay a visitor's tax which varies between CHF 2 and 3 per adult. This tax is often included in the posted prices.

logement en Suisse

Long stay

As the rent is higher, the best accommodation alternative in Switzerland is to rent a shared flat/studio away from the major cities.

Apartments in Switzerland are generally unfurnished but have, among other things :

  • A cellar
  • A washing machine
  • An equipped kitchen

Accommodation search in Switzerland

Advertisements in the press, such as Le Matin, La Liberté, Le Quotidien Jurassien (Delémont), Le Nouvelliste (Sion), Genève Home Informations, Lausanne Cités, etc. can also be of great use to you.

Don't hesitate to talk about it around you either. Word of mouth can sometimes do the trick!

Some prices

Monthly rent for 1 one-bedroom apartment outside the city center 1 093,80 €
Monthly rent for 1 one-bedroom apartment in the city center 1 427,44 €
Private rentals for students 730,474 € - 1 146,57 € (790 Fs - 1 240 Fs)
Night in a youth hostel 31,43 €
Night in a hotel in Geneva From 101,68 €
Night in a hotel in Basel From 87,22 €

* Tariffs for November 2015

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