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What to see in Switzerland ?

Suisse - ENG


Historic Monuments in Switzerland

Switzerland is full of places and sites that make it a country rich in history and charm. Below is a small overview of the historical monuments not to be missed during your stay. All of these sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Bern's Old Town: a site worth visiting because of its medieval atmosphere and picturesque buildings.

  • St. Gallen Abbey : this building is located in St. Gallen and has more than 1,000 years of history!
  • The Benedictine Convent of St. John of the Sisters: it dates from the 8th century and is located in the town of Müstair.
  • The three castles of Bellinzona: the castles of Castelgrande, Montebello and Sassi Corbaro are located in Ticino exactly in Bellinzona, and were built between the 13th and 15th centuries for military reasons.
  • The Lavaux is a thousand-year-old wine-growing region that owes its reputation to its terraced vineyards near Lake Geneva.
  • The Rhaetian Railway in the Albula and Bernina landscape : a very spectacular route through the Swiss Alps, comprising 42 tunnels and covered galleries as well as 52 viaducts and bridges.
  • The towns of Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds : two medieval towns closely associated with the watchmaking industry since the 18th century.

monuments en Suisse

The Lucerne Bridge ("Kapellbrücke" in German): this covered wooden bridge, the oldest of its kind in Europe, is one of the most photographed monuments in Switzerland! With a length of 204 m, it crosses the river Reuss to link the banks of the old town.

Museums in Switzerland

  • National Museum of Zürich: Located in Zürich, this museum, which dates back to 1898, houses the largest collection of historical objects in Switzerland.
  • Geneva Museum of Art and History: it brings together more than 7,000 historical objects to better discover the history of Switzerland.
  • Élysée Museum: located in Lausanne, this museum is dedicated to the art of photography, and exhibits more than 100,000 prints and photographic collections.
  • Museum Jean Tinguely: this is a museum in Basel dedicated to works of art dating from the 20th century.
  • Far Eastern Art Museum: through more than 9,000 works, this Geneva museum focuses on the culture of the Far East.
  • Ariana Museum: located in Geneva, it is mainly dedicated to ceramics and glass.
  • Bourbaki Panorama: located in Lucerne, the Bourbaki Panorama houses a giant circular painting measuring 112x10 metres, telling the story of the Franco-German War
  • Museum of Fine Arts in Basel: it includes a collection dating from the 15th to the 20th century.

Events in Switzerland


The Swiss Film Days: an event that takes place over 8 days in the city of Solothurn.

The Trees and Lights Festival: an artistic event that takes place in Geneva.


Fasnachts: it's simply carnival season. The country's most remarkable carnivals take place in Basel and Lucerne.


Festival Voix de fêtes : this is an annual musical event that takes place in the canton of Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show.


Le Salon International du Livre et de la Presse de Genève .
Le Mapping Festival de Genève : un festival qui met en exergue les nouveautés en matière de l’art audiovisuel et des cultures numériques.


The Sismics Comics Festival : it takes place annually in the city of Sierre.


Bol d’or Mirabaud : a nautical race that takes place on Lake Geneva.


Rigi-Staffel Boxer Wrestling: a national sport widely practiced in the valleys and mountains of the German-speaking part of Switzerland .
Geneva Festivals


Locarno Film Festival


Grape Harvest Festival: a popular festival that dates back to the 20th century and takes place in Swiss cities. The most important of these is held in Neuchâtel.


The Chestnut Festival in Ascona : A popular festival celebrated in Ascona, Ticino, dedicated to the Chestnut.
Foire du Valais : one of the flagship events of French-speaking Switzerland held in Martigny.


Geneva Film Festival

The Drum Beat Festival: a musical event dedicated to the rhythms of Africa.

Transvoisines Festival : is a festival dedicated to French and Swiss music that takes place in Geneva.


Cortège historique de l’Escalade : une fête qui commémore la bataille de l'Escalade qui s'est déroulé en 1602.
Historical procession of the Escalade: a festival commemorating the Battle of the Escalade which took place in 1602.

Nature Parks in Switzerland

The fan club of eco-tourism will love Switzerland for its greenery, its lakes, but above all for its very high alpine peaks with altitudes in excess of 4,000 m. Prepare your backpacks, happiness awaits you!

parcs naturels en Suisse

For your trip to Switzerland, we recommend you to visit other natural sites such as :

  • The park Jura vaudois (Saint-George)
  • Schaffhausen Regional Nature Park (Wilchingen)
  • Neckertal Nature Park (Brunnadern)
  • Beverin Nature Park (Casti-Wergenstein)
  • Binn Valley Nature Park (Binn)
  • The Doubs Park (La Chaux-de-Fonds)
  • The Gantrisch Nature Park (Schwarzenburg).
  • The Diemtigtal Nature Park (Oey-Diemtigen).
  • The nature park Thal (Balsthal)
  • Chasseral Regional Park (Moutier)
  • Aargau Jura Park (Frick)
  • The natural park Pfyn-Finges (Sierre)

We have saved the best for last: Monte San Giorgio, the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch and the Swiss Tectonic Highland Sardona. These are three fabulous natural sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Amusement parks and zoos in Switzerland

  • Swiss Vapeur Parc at Bouveret
  • Juraparc a few kilometres from Lausanne
  • Prehisto-parc a few kilometres from Porrentruy.
  • Fun Planet at Villeneuve
  • Swiss Miniatur at Melide

Switzerland also has many zoos :

  • Basel Zoo
  • Zurich Zoo
  • La Garenne zoo in Le Vaud
  • Dählhölzli Zoological Park in Bern
  • Al Maglio Zoo in Magliaso

Nightlife in Switzerland

The Swiss know how to party! We have selected for you the best places to go out in Switzerland...

Some nightclubs/clubs in Switzerland

  • Bypass in Geneva
  • Moa Club in Vernier
  • Tsunami in Conthey
  • Point Bar in Geneva
  • Monte Cristo Club in Geneva
  • Some bars/pubs in Switzerland
  • Café Art's in Geneva
  • FMR (Funky Monkey Room) in Geneva
  • Santa Cruz Bar in Geneva
  • Cactus Club Bar in Geneva
  • Mr. Pickwick Pub in Geneva

Some restaurants in Switzerland

  • Le Café Suisse in Bex
  • Restaurant Edelweiss in Geneva
  • Caveau des Vignerons in Montreux
  • Oepfelchammer in Zurich
  • Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville Crissier
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