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Health and Safety in Switzerland

Suisse - ENG

Santé & Sécurité

Vaccines and health risks in Switzerland

The Pasteur Institute of Lille recommends that all French nationals who wish to stay in Switzerland be vaccinated against certain diseases. Discover them here.

Ideally, you should consult your doctor in advance. But rest assured, all health conditions are respected in Switzerland. You have been told: the health system in Switzerland is one of the most efficient in the world!

The quality of health care institutions in Switzerland

Switzerland enjoys a very high standard of health care, making the country a benchmark in Europe. All Swiss cantons have the necessary healthcare infrastructure, with a total of around 400 modern hospitals throughout the country.

santé en suisse

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Some tariffs for health care and consultations in Switzerland

  • Consultation with a general practitioner: 110 Fs (around 74 €)
  • Checking and scaling at a dentist: 300 Fs (around 276,04 €)

If you intend to reside in Switzerland, it is preferable to be affiliated to the country's social security system. To do so, you are required to pay a contribution, but also to pay a medical deductible per calendar year (about 300 Swiss francs).

Remember that certain types of care are not reimbursed! This is the case for dental and optical care, which is why it is worth taking out private health insurance such as World-Pass in order to be reimbursed 100% of your actual costs abroad.

If it is a temporary stay in Switzerland, it would be ideal to ask your insurance company for your European Health Insurance Card 15 days before the date of your departure abroad. This card allows you to be covered by Swiss social security in the same way as a resident.

Useful link : Swiss Health Service


Emergency pill at family planning, at the pharmacy without a prescription, at the gynaecologist: approx. 10 CHF

A wide variety of condoms between 40 centimes and 3 Swiss francs. You have to buy the OK label.

Screening locations

Very accessible :

  • Geneva Checkpoint (Dialogai) : 89 rue de Lyon 1203 Genève
  • HUG Cantonal Hospital (AIDS information and consultation) : Rue Micheli-du-Gest 24 1205 Genève
  • Vaud Checkpoint : Rue du Pont 22 1003 Lausanne
  • PMU University Medical Polyclinic (Anonyme consultation) : Rue du Bugnon 44 1011 Lausanne
  • Profa - Sexual Health Consultation : Av. Georgette 1 1003 Lausanne

Emergency numbers in Switzerland

  • Emergencies: 112
  • Ambulance : 144
  • Firefighters : 118
  • Police : 117

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Safety index /100



Crime index /100



Life expectancy

82,70 y

81,57 y

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