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Good plans in USA

Etats-Unis - ENG

Bons plans

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You can't leave North America without bringing back great memories of your trip. This must-see destination will surely make them dream too. Here are our little tips, tricks and tricks of the must-see that will answer your question "what to bring back from the United States?"

What to bring back from the United States: food products

  • M&M's: you'll find dozens of varieties that don't exist in France: peanut butter, pretzel, coconut, puffed rice, chocolate mint, cherry, cinnamon, raspberry... Go to Times Square (famous district of New York) at the M&M's store.
  • Jelly Belly Beans Harry Potter: fans of this saga will be crazy about these little sour capsules. For each color of candy you will find two flavors. So it's up to you to pick the right one!
  • Mini marshmallows: very appreciated by Americans in hot chocolate or with sweet potato, you will find them everywhere in the country.
  • Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauce: As its name suggests, this is barbecue sauce flavoured with the famous Jack Daniel's whisky.

What to bring back from the United States: textile products

  • A cowboy hat: it's the American hat par excellence! You will find them everywhere but the authentic ones are in Texas, land of cowboy, country and Santiags yiiiiiiiihaaa!
  • Rangers jackets: you'll find t-shirts and other goodies from your favorite American football team everywhere.
  • Jeans: You won't learn anything new, but the first jeans were created in the United States. You will find them at very competitive prices in the United States.

What to bring back from the U.S.: Handicrafts

  • A dream catcher: very much in vogue at the moment, it's a Native American specialty. Decorated with feathers, it will chase away bad dreams.
  • Monument Valley Jewelry: At Monument Valley, you will find all kinds of handmade handcrafted jewelry that will delight those around you.
  • Kachinas dolls: these are small, brightly coloured wooden dolls that were once given to children to familiarise them with the spirits.

Other Good plans 

  • A sign: you will find them in all the small tourist shops in the United States. Here's a trendy road trip souvenir. Route 66, Highway 1 etc. here are the kind of signs that will be put on it.
  • Casino Chips : For those lucky enough to pass through Las Vegas and be 21 years old or older, what better than bringing home a famous slot machine chip?
  • Cheddar spray : Americans are food pros. So you'll find bottled cheese like chocolate sauce. Mmmm. Makes you feel hungry !

To make a long story short, you won't have any trouble bringing back from the United States products of all kinds that are impossible to find or very rare anywhere else. Enough to make your friends and family jealous of your student trip or tourist stay in the United States!

Ideas for souvenirs, gifts and good deals in California

Everybody wants to bring back little presents to their entourage in addition to the great shots from their camera. To know what to bring back from California, here are our little tips, tricks and good deals not to be missed:

  • Clothes from famous American brands: they cost less and may delight some of your friends.
  • Bitters Tears : they are small bottles of aromas that Californians are fans of and add without moderation in all their cocktails.
  • Market Jewelry: you will find hundreds of very fine jewelry in the California markets. There will be something for every taste and every budget. Note that the Native Americans who live in the big parks make magnificent ones with precious and semi-precious stones!
  • Jerky: It's the famous jerky found in California. Enough to make a gourmet basket for your family....
  • Californian wine: yes, California is the largest wine producer in the United States, so don't hesitate to bring back a good bottle from your Californian student trip. The most popular is the Napa Valley wine.
  • Beard Buddy: is a brand of beauty products, including beard care products. An original gift for your hipster friends!
  • Sports goodies: Sports is an institute in California, so bringing back goodies from the Dodgers, Lakers or Clippers (famous basketball/baseball teams) might just make your entourage happy

What else to bring back from California? Vinyl records of American stars, skateboarding, comic books, etc.

Pass to visit California 

If you want to visit California without going broke, then consider getting the right tourist passes for your destination. These will depend on the California cities you plan to visit. You will get :

San Francisco City Pass

With entries and visits to the city's most popular tourist attractions. Count 90€ per unit for 9 days of discovery. This way

Go San Diego Card

With discounted prices for 46 attractions at the destination lasting between 1 and 7 days. The card costs between 80 and 255€. This way to the map

Southern California City Pass

Allowing discounts on all flagship operations in Southern California, including Los Angeles. You will find discounts on amusement parks as an example. The pass costs 328€. This way

What to bring back from New York: gift ideas and souvenirs

After a stay in New York, you will surely want to share this fabulous experience. If you're always short of ideas and don't know what to bring back from New York, here are a few good tips not to be missed before returning from your student trip or sightseeing trip:

  • • Old Navy flip flops : these are brand name flip-flops in all colors at only 4.66€ a pair.
  • • A DC Comics or Marvel cap: it will cost you between 23.30€ and 27.97€ and you'll find some of your favourite hero there's no doubt about it!
  • • A "Made in Brooklyn" T-shirt: rather than opting for the "has-been", try these new T-shirts that are more fashionable than the ones with "I love NY" written on them.
  • • Cheddar spray: Americans are food pros. So you'll find bottled cheese like chocolate sauce. Mmmm. Makes you feel hungry !
  • • M&M's: you'll find dozens of varieties that don't exist in France: peanut butter, pretzel, coconut, puffed rice, chocolate mint, cherry, cinnamon, raspberry... Go to Times Square (famous district of New York) at the M&M's store.
  • • Sweet lip balms: cinnamon, cookie, brownie, gingerbread, popcorn, peanut butter... And yes, there's something for everyone!
  • • A canned hamburger: yes yes you read right! It's totally available in the United States and it will amaze your loved ones!

And many other objects and foodstuffs that cannot be found in France that will arouse the curiosity of those around you

Passes to visit New York City

New York city pass

For 110.85€, you will be able to visit the 6 main places to discover in New York for a first visit: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Museum of the 11/09/2001 or Aerospace Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum or Top of the Rock Observatory and the Natural History Museum.

It is valid for 9 days from the first use of the pass.

New York pass

Between 1 and 10 days, you will be able to visit up to 80 tourist attractions in New York City during your student trip. The few that are included are for example: the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, Madison Square Garden, Central Park Zoo, and more.

Book the pass here.

Here are the prices of the latter:

  • 1 day = 101€
  • 2 days = 176€
  • 3 days = 189€
  • 5 days = 223€
  • 7 days = 253€
  • 10 days = 297€

An unforgettable night: Search among the biggest events in your city and buy tickets for a show, match, concert...

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