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Housing in USA

Etats-Unis - ENG


Finding a home in the United States is relatively simple given the many offers on the market. The offers are varied and can be tailored to suit your budget, season and location. It is therefore very important to get informed before you fly to the United States for your student trip.

If you would like information on a specific state, we refer you to our "Housing" theme of the state of your choice.

Short stay

There are several options for short stay accommodation in the United States. You will have the choice between camping, youth hostel, ranch, bed & breakfast, boutique hotel and of course the motel for roadtrippers! Prices vary greatly depending on the season and the location. So remember to book in advance and compare prices before choosing your short stay accommodation.


You will find them in the countryside as well as in urban areas.

  • National or State Campgrounds: located in areas where the natural wealth is preserved, with a price ranging from 11 to 24€ per night. They are the cheapest on the North American continent, yet you won't necessarily find drinking water and showers there!
  • Private campsites: they are quite often found on the roadside and are the object of mass tourism. However, they offer much more facilities and comfort. The night will cost you between 16 and 38€. Think that you will have the possibility to rent a bungalow but that sheets will not always be provided.

Good to know: the camping chain "Kampgrounds of America" offers a wide range of camping offers through a route guide. All this with a subscription card valid for one year for 24€ allowing you to benefit from 10% on each of your stays in their campsites.

Youth Hostels

Widespread in the United States, you have 50 of them from Hostelling International USA. Dormitories cost between 27€ and it costs 52€ for a double room.

But there are also many independent hostels where you can compare prices. You should know that some of them can provide you with free accommodation in exchange for a service (cleaning for example!). Don't hesitate to ask if they operate in this way.

Here again it is imperative to book in advance and especially during the summer period. Remember to do this online at the various hostel booking platforms, including :



It's the perfect place for nature lovers. In exchange for your work on the ranch, you will be offered a place to sleep and food. The experience usually lasts one week.

For those who want to fully enjoy this Club-med à la western, the most expensive ones cost 94€ per day + per night. But they are real havens of peace where everything is included, even horse riding! The most comfortable ones have swimming pools, jacuzzis, etc.

Bed & Breakfast

It is a cosy, family atmosphere located in charming old homes that you will find in Bed & Breakfast in the United States.

The most chic of them cost 122€ per night. Breakfast is included (as the name suggests) and departure is usually at 11:00 am. Please note, however, that smokers are rarely accepted in these types of hotels in the United States.


They are mainly located in the uptown areas of large cities. The architecture and decoration are unique! All for a personalized service.

The price is very expensive compared to camping or youth hostel offers. If your budget allows it, we strongly advise you to stay there because the experience promises to be unforgettable!


It is certainly the most widespread and famous type of backpacker accommodation in the United States of America. Usually located near road infrastructures, you will have a comfortable room with bathroom, television, air conditioning, fridge, microwave and coffee maker. Arrival in the motels is usually around 3pm.

Motel chains such as: Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, Travelodge, Super 8 and Howard Johnson are the most widespread and least expensive.

It is better to book your motel night in advance as the price may vary depending on the occupancy rate.

Smoking rooms and breakfast included are also available in some establishments. The minimum charge for a room for 4 people is €37 to €47 per night. A bargain for American accommodation. The most expensive of them will cost you between 90 and 110€ per night (for 4 people so price to be divided!).

Long stay

Unlike some foreign countries, it is not difficult to find temporary housing in the United States. Apartments or houses, there will be something for everyone.

Multiple real estate agencies or specialized presses will be at your disposal for your choice of rental. In terms of prices, there are huge differences between states. We therefore suggest that you refer to the same theme of the State of your choice.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you opt for a roommate. Not only does this practice allows you to meet new people, but it also reduces your housing budget because prices are monstrous in the big cities of the United States!

Here are the online real estate agencies that will be of great help in your search for housing in the United States: Realtor, Zillow,, Rent Xpress, Easy Roommate and Craiglist.

Accommodation search in the United States

If you do it well and in advance, finding a place to live in the United States will be easier than you think. First of all, the simplest and most convenient method is to go through an agency. The service is good, so you won't have to worry about anything.

With, we help you find the ideal student housing among 400 cities around the world.

Finally, some tools not to be neglected can be of great use to you: local press, announcements on the internet...

Don't forget to ask around. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find quality accommodation.

Monthly rent for 1 one-bedroom apartment outside the city center


Monthly rent for 1 one-bedroom apartment in the city center

2021€/ month

Night in a youth hostel


Night in a hotel in the capital


night in a hotel in a medium-sized town in the country


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