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Discover France

First world destination !

France - ENG

Capital City Paris
Population 67 795 000 inhabitants
Area 672 051  km²
Timezone UTC+1
Internet domain .fr
Currency Euro €

First world tourism destination, France is attractive for many reasons : history, charm, lifestyle, gastronomy, and of course its multiple climates extending from seaside stations to ski resorts only few hundred kilometers… Discover France has never been so rewarding !

Welcome to France

Discover France

So cliché !

  • French people don’t shower !
  • French people are always grumbling !
  • French people don’t speak other languages !
  • French people dress well !

Spoken Languages in France

French people are not known to be exceptional linguists ! Great efforts have been made with tourism professionnals to improve the reception in english wich is often pointed out by foreigners.

The south on the spanish border is more inclined to speak spanish, the south east speaks some italian and German is quite present in the northeast towards Alsace. Due to the border countries, France has a great potential for reception in foreign languages, by region only ! Rare are the french people who are able to speak English, Spanish, Italian and German !

Politics and religion

France is a unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic made up of a Senate and a National Assembly.

France is a secular state since 1905, however there is a majority of Christians (17%) followed by Muslims (3%), Buddhists (0.2%) and finally Jews (0.18%).

French Cuisine

France is known worldwide for being the center of gastronomy ! Its history and the diversity of its regions mean that the specialities that you can find across the country can be made by potatoes as well as meat or seafood, cabbage…

  • Coq au vin : Chicken cooked in wine, red traditionally, served with small onions, vegetables and mushrooms
  • Tartiflette : Sort of potato gratin, bacon, reblochon (cheese), garlic, onions, cream…traditionally served with salad, to make it slip !
  • Bouillabaisse : stew made of at least 4 kinds of fish, rust (garlic sauce, saffron adn olive oil) usuallu served with croutons.
  • Gardiane de taureau : typical dish from Camarque, beef meat stew in wine marinade, carrot, oninons, garlic, bouquet garni. Its usually served with white or red rice from Camargue.
  • Tripes à la mode de Caen : Dish based on beef tripes simmered for ten hours. . A bouquet and a dash of Calvados gives this dish all its flavors…
  • Escargots au beurre persillé : These molluscs have been eaten since antiquity. The snails are cooked in a broth, decorated with parsley butter and presented in their shell, All you need is a little pic to taste them !
  • Foie gras : Foie gras is also consummed since antiquity, one of the most controversial but most refined dishes in France !


  • Frensh people shake hands to greet strangers or superios, The ‘kiss ‘ (kiss cheek against cheek) is reserved for people who know each other well like friends, family, colleagues…
  • Vidéo the kiss from the point of view of a stranger
  • The subjects to avoid during conversations are politics, religion, and football especially during meals, at the risk of creating lively reactions !

Sex, drugs & Rock’n’Roll


The law prohibits smoking in public places. Some establishments have places reserved only for smokers. The sale isn’t allowed to minors under 18.


The sale and consumption of alcohol are prohibited for minors under 18.


Whether it’s cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine or any other illicit psychoactive substance, use is an offense punishable by a of 1 year maximum and a fine of 3750€.


Prostitution in France is not illegal but in the event of repeat offense the clients will be penalized with a fine of 1500 € up to 3500€.


New year’s day  January 1st
Easter Monday April (changing date)
Labor day May 1st
Allied Victory May 8
Ascension thursday May (changing date)
Whit Monday May or june (changing date)
National Holiday July 14
Assumption August 15
All saints November 1st
Armistice November 11
Christmas December 25

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