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Transports in France

How to get around France cheaply

France - ENG


Going to France

It will be easy for you to go to France, most cities have airports, Paris has 4 for itself! Many bus and train stations make traveling to border countries as easy as internal travel.

Tip: remember to book or buy your ticket in advance, especially during important periods like Christmas. The prices are not only very high, but tickets are hard to find.

Inter-city travel

By plane

Many internal flights allow you to travel all around France. For flights from Paris:

  • Bordeaux : 1h10
  • Lyon : 1h05
  • Marseille : 1h20
  • Montpellier : 1h15
  • Nantes : 1h10
  • Nice : 1h30
  • Toulouse : 1h15

By train

France is a country with a very developed rail network. Many towns and villages are served by trains, which allows you to travel around France at a lower cost. You can travel by TGV or regional trains that serve more cities on their way. Allow 2 hours between Paris and Lyon, Poitiers, Rennes, Dijon and 3 hours to go to Marseille, Montpellier or La Rochelle.

By Bus

Roads in France are excellent and the bus is undoubtedly the most economical way to travel long distances. Companies such as OUIBUS or FlixBus offer journeys from 5 € !

By Ferries

You can use ferries if you want to go to Corsica, the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, the red island to Toulon and many other destinations.

Intra-city travel

It is hard to find a city without public transport !

By Bus

Bus network in France is very extensive and there are few towns and villages which are not served. It’s a simple and efficient way to get around a city.

By tram

The major metropolises of France have fast and efficient trams, it is surely the most efficient means of transport to get around a city without traffic.

By bicycle

Many cities make bicycles available at fair prices (0.50 € -1 € / h) with well-equipped cycle paths that allow you to move freely and safely.

Driving in France

You must be at least 18 to drive in France. For scooters and motorcycles the minimum age depends on the power of the vehicle, for mopeds under 50cc the required age is 14 years old

If you come to France for less than 6 months, you can come with your own vehicle without making any procedures. Beyond that, you will need to register your vehicle.

If you are coming from a country outside the european union or the economic european area and/or your driving licence is not french, you will need to translate or apply for an international driving licence valid for one year, beyond that you must get a french licence. Think about getting from your prefecture, the procedures can be long !

Pour cela, vous devrez présenter : To have it, you will need:

  • Two identity photos
  • A valid licence as well as a copy
  • Address proof
  • A copy of ID

This procedure is very easy and free.

The international driving license is valid for 3 years. Please note: always keep your original license with you, otherwise the international license has no value!

Highways are chargeable as well as the entrance to certain tunnels. Driving is on the right. The speed limit on the highway is 130km / h, 90km / h on two-way roads with central separation and 80km / h on two-way roads without central separation.

Car rent

You must be at least 18 years old to rent a car, although most agencies require that you have at least 1 or even 3 years of license. Some agencies may request a supplement if your age is below the required age. The conditions also depend on the category of car you want to rent.

1 month pass for public transport


1L of gas


Price of car rent/week


Price of an internal flight


Price of a taxi ride by KM from the airport to the city center.


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