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Weather and Geography in France

France - ENG

Météo & Géo

Geographic features

France has natural borders: the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Rhine and the Alps to the east, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees to the south. It is a country as well mountainous as hilly, that has vast plains in certain regions but also lakes and sea !

Weather in France

The climate in France

Different climates in France can be found which gives it its diverse geographic characteristics

  • The west and north coasts have an oceanic climate, mild temperatures and rain coming from the Atlantic, winters are colder in the North.
  • The Alpine East, the Massif Central and the Pyrenees have a mountain climate, the temperature drops quickly depending on the altitude, it can be very cold in winter but also very hot in summer!
  • The South is Mediterranean, mild winters and hot summers, there is little rain but strong winds quite frequently.
  • The Northeast is characterized by a continental climate with hot summers and harsh winters including lots of snow. It rains there regularly but there are few strong winds.

The weather in France is very changing depending on the region where you will be !

The best times to go to France

The best times to go to France depend on the activities you want to do, but overall, like in many countries of the Northern Hemisphere, the months of April to October are suitable to many activities!

Be careful however, the months of July and August are those where a huge number of tourists is welcomed, prefer if possible the months of June or September to enjoy the calmness.

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