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Formalities in France

All you need to know before going to France

France - ENG


Short stay

All foreigners must have passports delivered in their own country before presenting themselves at french borders, europeans only need their identity card. The passeport must be valid the entire duration of the stay.

You will need a short-stay visa if you are coming to France for an internship or a training of less than 90 days.

Long stay

Europeans will be delivered a long stay visa without formalities on their arrival in France if the stay or the training are for more than 90 days and up to 6 months.

For training or courses longer than 6 months, you will be delivered a long stay visa quivalent to a residence permit subject to formalities upon your arrival in France

Health coverage on France

France has an excellent health coverage thanks to their social security system as well as complementary insurance that you can subscribe to in order to be effectively reimbursed.

Driving in France

The minimum age to drive in France is 18. Driving is done on the right. If you stay in France for less than 6 months, you can use your own vehicule without making any special procedures. Beyond that you will need to register your vehicule.

If you are coming from a country outside the european union or the economic european area and/or your driving licence is not french, you will need to translate or apply for an international driving licence valid for one year, beyond that you must get a french licence.

House rental in France

In France, lease contracts are generally for a period of one year with 1 to 3 months notice, make sure to check it out on your contract. When signing the contract, the lessor will request proof of solvency such as

  • An ID
  • A copy of your last 3 pay slips or your guarantors and your last tax notice
  • A RIB (Bank indentity statement)
  • A caution

Opening a bank account in France

It’s imperative to have a french bank account if you want to receive your medical expenses reimbursements. You must first choose your bank before opening your account ! To help you choose, the government made a website to compare the various fees that apply to a whole range of operations : Most banks propose advantagous offers for under 25.

Some french banks : LCL, Caisse d’Epargne, Crédit Agricole, La Banque Postale …

Prefer a bank that has an agency in your neighborhood, this will facilitate the procedures and would be easier in the event of litigation.

Documents to provide

  • An identity document (identity card or passport)
  • A copy of student card
  • The residene permit (except for european students)
  • Address proof in France (Electricity bill, receipt of rent, accommodation certificate, etc.)

Once your bank account is open, you will receive a bank card that will allow you to withdraw money and pay for purchases. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your financial advisor for the best advices.

Open a mobile line in france

Opening a mobile line in Fnac is not complicated at all. All you need to do is to go to the store with your identity document. There, you can choose between prepaid SIM cards that cost between 5€ and 50€ or a one or two year subscription (not recommended if you stay for a shorter period). The main operatos in France are : SFR, Orange ; Bouygues Telecom, Free


Only the vaccines in the vaccination calendar are required.


You can transport your medicines to France, however it is required to take with you your prescription translated in french if it’s not already the case and signed by your doctor.

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