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Good Plans in Netherlands

Pays-Bas - ENG

Bons plans

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Student rates

The best solution to benefit from student rates is without a doubt the ISIC card! So think about getting one before leaving France for the Netherlands. The ISIC card allows you to benefit from several discounts on various services related to culture, studies, entertainment, travel, sports, shopping and food.

By presenting your card, you can, for example, get a discount of up to 50% on the entrance ticket to certain museums, but also for the purchase of a card giving access to several gyms throughout the country (One Fit Card).

And that's not all! The ISIC card will surprise you in the Netherlands.

Souvenir Gift Ideas

Even though we're moving away from clichés and stereotypes, when we travel in the Netherlands, we can't help but bring back the famous Dutch cheese! Gouda, Edam, Mimolette or Maasdam are all traditional, typically Dutch cheeses that keep quite well. So you can travel with them without any problems.

You can also take the famous tulips from the Netherlands with you! Not in bunches, of course, but rather bring back tulip bulbs that you can plant at home once in France.

good plans in netherlands

If you want to offer a typical souvenir to someone you don't like, you will also find clogs in all sizes and colours! Wooden clogs, slippers clogs, plastic clogs, small porcelain clogs... There is a choice!

Finally, for a more "lasting" souvenir, bring with you the Delft porcelain that you can find anywhere in the Netherlands. You can choose from a variety of objects: vases, dinner services, statues and more. These items are usually decorated in traditional blue on white and are entirely handmade.


The OV-chipkaart is the anonymous smart card used for all public transport (bus, train, tram and metro) in major cities. Its price is €7.50 (without transport balance) and is valid for up to 5 years. You can easily find it in railway stations, kiosks and supermarkets.

How to use the OV-chipkaart?

Very easy! To use the card in the metro, bus and tramway, you just need to top it up at a counter or at an ATM available in the stations. To use it on the train (NS train only), you need to have at least €20 balance on your card and then activate it at an "NS kaart-automaat" terminal.

This way, each time you use one of the transports covered by the OV-chipkaart, you will only have to validate your card. The beep will show that your card has been read correctly. To get off, repeat the same instructions. This time, the terminal will display the balance used and the remaining balance. This is a very practical check-in and check-out system.

  • If you forget to pass the card on the terminal when you get off, the punch clock will remain activated and you will lose your credit! It is not possible to recharge the OV-chipkart by credit card.
  • It is not possible to top up the OV-chipkaart by credit card.
  • Never put a large balance on your card, because in case of loss or theft, your card cannot be blocked. Remember: the card is anonymous!
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