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Cost of Living in Netherlands

Our tips to enjoy life in Netherlands

Pays-Bas - ENG

Coût de la vie

The cost of living in the Netherlands is slightly higher than in France. The difference is not very large, but it is still necessary to point out. If you are planning to live in the Netherlands, you should prepare a good budget!

In general, prices are expensive in large cities and tourist areas, but as soon as you get a little further away, they tend to go down.

Compared to France, price increases in the Netherlands mainly concern clothing, cars and motorcycles, hotels and restaurants, while food, local and electronic goods are cheaper.

Methods of payment

You can pay your bills in the Netherlands in cash or by credit card. Credit cards are accepted in most shops, especially in large cities, and the charges for them are slightly lower (within the euro zone). For ATM withdrawals, the fees vary around one euro.

If you are going to the Netherlands for a long stay, it is best to open a bank account at one of the local banks. But before you rush to any bank, you should first find out about the options and packages offered by each one.

Most Dutch banks, including ABM-AMRO, ING and Rabobank, offer good quality services, with the possibility of managing your finances online. The cost of opening an account, including management fees, is around €1.70.

Telephone and internet

To call cheaper from the Netherlands, the best solution is to buy a local card. You can also unlock your phone so that you can use it without any worries. If you decide to buy a different card, you can go directly to one of the branches. That way, you will avoid any possible scams.

For short stays, you can also use your mobile phone once you are in the Netherlands by activating the 'Europe' option at least 48 hours before your departure date.

A little more expensive than in France, the minute of communication costs, in general, 0.17 €, and this for all operators.


Tipping is included in the bill, however, it is customary to leave a little something at the restaurant, café, hotel or taxi driver.

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1 tenue d'été (H&M, Zara…)
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