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Housing in Netherlands

All you need to know to find a cheap accomodation in Netherlands

Pays-Bas - ENG


The longer you stay in the Netherlands, the more precise the criteria for choosing your future accommodation in the Netherlands will be. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Short stay

If you are coming for a weekend or a few days, you can choose from a number of accommodation options in the Netherlands, including :

Youth hostels

This is probably the best housing alternative in the Netherlands for small budgets. You'll find them mostly in the city centre, providing an ideal starting point for exploring your destination.

Please note that hostels affiliated to the Stayokay network offer a €2.5 discount to members with a membership card (available for sale from France or the Netherlands).


The Netherlands has the largest number of campsites in the whole of Europe. The campsites and camping facilities, located all over the country, make Holland an ideal destination for campers.

There are nearly 1,400 campsites in the country, between :

  • campings sauvages autorisés (Vrij Kamperen) authorized wilderness campsites(Vrij Kamperen)
  • campings familiaux family campsites
  • campings de luxe luxury campsites

Count between 15 and 30 € per night. B&Bs and house boats are also affordable.

The cottages

They are also legion in this country.

You will also find many hotels and guesthouses. Less frequently, you will find Bed&Breakfast and House boats (barges and floating houses).

Long stay

Finding accommodation in the major cities of the Netherlands can be expensive. The cheapest and most affordable solution is renting.

Several types of accommodation in the Netherlands are available for rent, from the most classic to the most modern: student room, studio, apartment, house, or the most popular because it is the most affordable: shared accommodation.

In order to overcome the lack of space in university halls of residence, the Netherlands has adopted an innovative solution since 2006, namely the conversion of containers into studios. This allows students to stay in new accommodation at a lower cost!

Search for accommodation in the Netherlands

Finding accommodation in the Netherlands, especially in large cities such as Amsterdam or Utrecht, is not an easy task. The simplest, but also the most effective, is to approach estate agents. They will help you to get a clearer idea of the prices charged and offer you decent accommodation.

You can also carry out your own search by consulting the various specialised websites such as or, or via social networks. Also consider contacting students or young expats in the Netherlands. They are always willing to share their good housing plans with newcomers!

At the same time, and to give you the best possible chance, regularly consult the real estate ads published in the various newspapers. If you have local knowledge, think about the word-of-mouth technique!

With, we help you find the ideal student housing among 400 cities around the world.

Housing prices in the Netherlands

  • Rent of 1 studio in the city center : 928,56 €
  • Rent for 1 studio in the suburbs : 679,84 €
  • Rent for 1 three-room apartment in the city center : 1 569,50 €
  • Rent of 1 three-room apartment in the suburbs : 1 146,84 €
  • Rent of a room in university residence Entre 1 900 et 3 000 €/semestre : Between 1 900 and 3 000 €/semester
  • Night in a youth hostel : À partir de 13,90 € From €13.90
  • Night in a hotel in the country's capital : À partir de 169 € From 169€
  • Night in a hotel in a medium-sized city of the country : À partir de 79 € From 79€
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