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Good plans in Austria

What to bring from Austria

Autriche - ENG

Bons plans

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Ideas for souvenirs and gifts

It is often nice or even essential to bring back souvenirs from your trip to Austria. The choice is wide and you don't always know what to bring back. Therefore we have prepared a small list of suggestions with our good souvenir tips for handicrafts and gourmet products!

Good plans craft products

  • Porcelain of the city of Augarten
  • A loden coat
  • Soaps and essential oils based on plants from the Alps
  • Ceramics from the city of Gmunden
  • Indigo fabrics or garments made from them
  • Embroideries from Lustenau
good plans in austria

Good gastronomy plans

Gastronomy and food products can also be great gifts to take home with you a little bit of Austria's flavours. For example, bring back some Mozartkugel or Mozart balls, these are pistachio and chocolate pralines! And don't forget the Sachertorte, the famous chocolate pie or the Bergkäse, a famous Austrian cheese.

Good travel plans: the rail pass

Travelling by train is a little expensive in Austria, especially if you travel a lot. For this reason, it is cheaper to use the rail passes offered by the national railway company ÖBB. These include :

One Country Pass Austria

This second class pass is valid for adults and includes 4 formulas :

  • 3 days : 131 €
  • 4 days : 154 €.
  • 6 days : 187 €.
  • 8 days : 219 €.


Very practical, this card, valid for one year, offers about 50% discount on train tickets. It comes in different categories:

  • The Jugend dedicated to the under 26s and costs 19 €.
  • The Classic Vorteils Card for over 26 years old, for the price of 100 €.
  • The Senior Vorteils Card for seniors (over 60 years old) costs 29 €.
  • The Vorteilscard Familie does not exceed €20 and entitles you not only to discounts on parents' tickets but also to free admission for children under 14 years of age.
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