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Discover Austria

Austria, one of the most beautiful countries

Autriche - ENG

Capital city Vienna
Population 8 507 786 inhabitants
Area 83 878,99km2
Timezones UTC+1
Internet domain .at
Currency Euro (€)

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in central Europe that deserves to be visited. Its breathaking landscapes, its fabulous monuments, witnesses of its prestigious history and its lush nature very well preserved, will leave speechless.

Art and culture lovers will enjoy for sure. Between the famous austrian traditional balls, the music festivals and traditional events. The austrian cultural heritage is endless !

Willkommen in Österreich !  Welcome to Austria !

discover austria

So cliché

  • Austrians are harworkers
  • Austrians have no sense of humor
  • Beer flows afloat in Austria

Spoken languages in Austria

The official language in Austria is German. However, other languages are also spoken such as Slovenian, Hungarian and Croatian. If you are going to study there avec and you don’t speak German, you should know that they can speak English also.

Politics and religion


The republic of Austria is a federal state with a parliamentary system. Austria has been, for a long time, the good element in the European union with good growth, low unemployment rate and relatively high GDP.Lately, the economy is experiencing a period of stagnation.


The majority of Austrians consider themselves as Catholics, followed by Lutheran protestants and Muslims. There is no state religion, Austria is a secular country.

Austrian cuisine

Although it’s not very well known, Austrian cuisine remains a very rich cuisine wish takes its origin in different cultures, notably those of central Europe.

Austrian dishes therefore combine imported flavors with multiple local products, for a succulent result ! The ingredients you will often find in recipes are : bacon, fresh cream, potato and meat. What will keep you warm if you are going to discover Austria in winter !

what to eat in austria

Do not miss the specialities of the country during your trip :

  • Knödel : Stuffed potato dumpling.
  • Tafelspitz : Beef served with a sauce
  • Schnitzel : Viennese turkey cutlet
  • Beuschel : Organ meat stew
  • Game with lingonberry compote
  • Tiroler Gröstl : Hashbrown with leftover meat
  • Brettljause : it’s a snack made up of different types of sausages, meat and vegetables servec on a wooden boarad.
  • And yes croissants are Austrian not French !

As for the eating habits of Austrians, the most consistent meals are often breakfast and dinner, which is served very early (around 6 p.m.). Lunch at noon is very light; a sandwich or a salad.


To better discover a country, it is also necessary to learn about its culture. In Austria, respect is an essential value. Austrians hate it if you disobey the rules! If you are trying to cross when the pedestrian light is red, do not be surprised if someone made you jump with a good honk ! Ditto, if you try to overtake someone in a queue, you will be immediately called to order.

Sex, drugs & Rock’n’Roll


The anti-smoking law prohibits smoking in all public places in Austria, but not yet in bars and restaurants. However, a law was expected to pass in 2018 to ban smoking in bars and restaurants.

Tobacco : average price of a cigarette pack is 5,20€


Minors under 16 are prohibited from buying alcohol in Austria. You will bed asked for your identity card.

  • Confirmed : 0.5g/l of blood
  • Young driver : 0.1 g/l of blood


The possession, sale or trafficking of drugs is punishable by imprisonment.

Liberal drug country, the general approach is to ignore personal use and focusing exclusively on sales, production and trafficking.


In Austria, prostitution is legal and is regulated by the state


To keep you informed of the festivities and public holidays in Austria, below is the list of the main dates to keep in mind:



January 1st

New year’s day

January 6th


April (changing date)

Easter Monday

May 1st

Labor day

May 26th

Corpus Christi

August 15th


October 26th

National Holiday

November 1st

Feast of all saints

December 8th

Feast of the immaculate conception

December 25th


December 26th

St Etienne

Austria’s culture and traditions are rooted in its everyday life. And this is proved by the multiple festivities held there. We are talking here about the ball season, and especially the carnival season, which is one of the oldest Austrian traditions. On this occasion, the Austrian do not hesitate to dress in the most original disguises and to parade along the streets of all the cities of the country. Come and discover Austria within carnival season in january and february !

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